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The Benefit Source has been helping mid and large employers since 1992. Health Insurance is key in retaining the best employees and keeping a competitive edge.  The Benefit Source has a variety of ways to address health insurance concerns.  Options for the employer continue to change with a variety of limited self funded options, as well as recently repackaged Association Plans, PEOs, and soon to be launched Direct Care offered via Medical Providers.  Stay ahead of the curve, discover all your options through The Benefit Source.  

Interactive Spreadsheets

Interactive Spreadsheet displays multiple carriers and helps the employer consider multiple plans/designs.  Employer contribution strategies (Straight percentages, different percentages per tier, per plan, per targeted plan or defined contribution )may be reviewed to the penny with the click of a mouse.    Calculations automatically produce employee worksheets showing all plans offered and cost per paycheck with increase or reduction from current cost.

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